HOPSCOTCH - a CD by Neil Munro

Neil's CD album of instrumental guitar music entitled Hopscotch, is available on the Myopic Dragon label. The style of the music is influenced by swing music of various types, from big band jazz to western swing styles. It features tunes by such musicians as George Gershwin, Charlie Christian, Benny Goodman, Django Rheinhardt, Jerry Reed, Jimmy Bryant and Neil's own tune 'Hopscotch' as it's title track. It is available as a download from iTunes, Amazon and various other similar sites - just type 'Neil Munro Hopscotch' into the iTunes store's search engine and you will find it there. If you prefer a hard copy to a download, you can purchase a copy direct from Neil - payment for this should be made via the Paypal buttons on this page.

Another CD is currently in preparation and will be available early in 2018 - watch this space!


The CD costs £7.99, plus post and packing costs £2 for sales within the UK, £4 for international sales. For UK sales, totaling £9.99, click here -

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