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Neil Munro has played the guitar since the age of 10 and has spent over 45 years in the music profession.

His influences are many and varied, and would have to include such musicians as John Renbourn, Ida Presti, Richard Harding, Julian Bream, Chet Atkins, Django Rheinhardt, Charlie Christian, Ollie Halsall, Jerry Reed, Timothy Walker, Jimmy Elliot, Mike Stern and Vladimir Mikulka amongst others.

He has performed extensively in a wide range of different musical situations - classical recitals, jazz groups, orchestral work, big bands, stage shows - and has played in a variety of venues ranging from major concert halls to (on one occasion) the top deck of a double-decker bus as part of an arts festival. He has performed in many festivals in Europe, and also with the Royal National Scottish Orchestra. In addition, he is experienced in recording and broadcasting work.

These days he has cut back considerably on this aspect of his career, confining himself to recording sessions and occasional performances with a bassist and drummer. In 2014, he released a CD of jazz-influenced instrumental guitar music, having received a large number of requests and plenty of encouragement to do so. You can find all the details of the CD, including full track listing and how to get a copy by clicking HERE

He is currently working on another such project, which should finally see the light of day early in 2018.


You can find details of Neil's CD 'Hopscotch' and how to obtain a copy HERE.

"Neil Munro was the first guitarist I ever studied with in Edinburgh and remains a great inspiration today. He was the first player and teacher that I had come across who could do just about anything on the instrument - great classical player, excellent jazz player and could also play 'serious' country guitar - in fact I don't think that there was/is much that Neil can't do on a guitar!  He's also a distinguished composer."

Peter Sklaroff, Former Lecturer in Guitar and Assistant Head of Music, Leeds College of Music