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"Richard Ingham on soprano sax then played the beautifully atmospheric piece 'Three Scenes from a Mountain' by Neil Munro, accompanied by Anthony Clare."

Nicola Penill, Equinox Saxophones

Neil Munro has written music in a wide variety of styles and for a wide range of abilities.

His works for the concert hall include several guitar pieces, a wind quintet, a suite for soprano saxophone and piano, a string quartet, a piece for chamber orchestra, a duo for viola and cello, original pieces and arrangements for big band and some works for solo flute. His works have received many performances, broadcasts and recordings in many parts of the world, including the UK, India, China, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Australia and the USA. You can hear some of these compositions on the Audio and Video sections of the site. His most recent work is a guitar quartet, which recently received it's premiere in Moscow.

His work for educational use includes several studies for guitar, a piece for school orchestra with clarinet soloist, and pieces for use with various ensembles, including music for flute ensemble, guitar ensemble and an ongoing series for school jazz band. Several of these have been used with success in student concerts.

Copies of some of Neil Munro's music can be purchased online at - anything you don't find there can be purchased directly from the composer.

Neil is also available to discuss commissions. Please make any communication via the contact page of this site or his MusicaNeo site.